Give Us This Day

The film follows one of the nation’s top high school football programs through its toughest season ever. Two years removed from a State Championship, the Grant Pacers are poised to make another run. But fierce opponents, the neighborhood, and a major tragedy - the violent, midseason death of their coach - all stand in their way.

Grant Union High School has been a venerable factory of NCAA Division 1 and NFL players over the last twenty years producing stars like Donte Stallworth, Onterrio Smith, Paris Warren, Aaron Garcia, and most recently the nation’s top college recruit - Shaq Thompson. Grant is located in one of Sacramento’s written-off corners where gangs, drugs, and violence are regular obstacles students must overcome. For many players, football may be their only way out of Del Paso Heights. How will these young men defeat seemingly insurmountable odds and succeed on the gridiron and in life? Watch as they battle through a brutal season on their way to their ultimate goals of college scholarships, a chance at the NFL, and success in life off the gridiron. But this year their dreams take a backseat to the realities of tragedy and it is up to these young men to heal an entire neighborhood devastated by an unthinkable tragedy.

The Team Behind the Team

The behind the scenes story of Give Us This Day began in the mid to late nineties. Three guys graduated from the same high school with one regret: they didn’t play high school football. All three played baseball, basketball, and soccer for their alma mater, but unfortunately football was not offered due to many factors including low-enrollment. In 2012, these same three guys did the next best thing to strapping their helmets on under the friday night lights: They turned their cameras on. A decade and a half after realizing they’d never play the organized version of the game they loved, the concept for the film was born. And the three guys with the dream gave up the financial security of their 9-5’s and dedicated their working lives to helping people they’ve come to know and love tell their amazing stories. With a shared love of football, Sacramento, and storytelling, the filmmakers feel truly blessed to be a part of something so meaningful, not only to them, but to an entire community, and hopefully the world.